VBScript Functions for JavaScript

If you're used to languages like JavaScript, C and Java, then VBScript can be a pain to code. But VBScript does offer a number of useful features that JavaScript does not, such as MsgBox, InputBox and String. To make these easily available in JavaScript, I have created a script that creates an object that works as a wrapper for these functions in JavaScript. The object has a method for each VBScript function, which can be used to call these functions. This allows you to use them from JavaScript as if they were a normal part of JavaScript.

To use the script, download it from http://skypher.com/SkyLined/download/vbs.js/vbs.js, put it on your server and add this tag to you HTML file:
<SCRIPT src="vbs.js" type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript"></SCRIPT>

Any script that runs after this script will have access to an object called "vbs", which has a number of properties and methods that can be used to access VBScript features.

Properties: (See MsgBox function documentation at MSDN)
vbOKOnly, vbOKCancel, vbAbortRetryIgnore, vbYesNoCancel, vbYesNo, vbRetryCancel, vbCritical, vbQuestion, vbExclamation, vbInformation, vbDefaultButton1, vbDefaultButton2, vbDefaultButton3, vbDefaultButton4, vbApplicationModal, vbSystemModal

Methods: (see VBScript functions reference at MSDN)
Abs, Array, Asc, Atn, CBool, CByte, CCur, CDate, CDbl, Chr, CInt, CLng, Cos, CreateObject, CSng, CStr, Date, DateAdd, DateDiff, DatePart, DateSerial, DateValue, Day, Escape, Eval, Exp, Filter, Fix, FormatCurrency, FormatDatTime, FormatNumber, FormatPercent, GetLocale, GetObject, GetRef, Hex, Hour, InputBox, InStr, InStrRev, Int, IsArray, IsDate, IsEmpty, IsNull, IsNumeric, IsObject, Join, LBound, LCase, Left, Len, LoadPicture, Log, LTrim, Mid, Minute, Month, MonthName, MsgBox, Now, Oct, Replace, RGB, Right, Rnd, Round, RTrim, ScriptEngine, ScriptEngineBuildVersion, ScriptEngineMajorVersion, ScriptEngineMinorVersion, Second, SetLocale, Sgn, Sin, Space, Split, Sqr, StrComp, String, StrReverse, Tan, Time, Timer, TimeSerial, TimeValue, Trim, TypeName, UBound, UCase, Unescape, VarType, Weekday, WeekDayName, Year

vbs.MsgBox("Hello, world!", vbs.vbOKOnly | vbs.vbInformation, "JavaScript");